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EDITOR CHOICE Fisher-Price RainForest Jumperoo Review

Fisher-Price RainForest Jumperoo is an ideal castle for a little explorer who is just discovering the excitement and vibrancy of color, movement, and activities. This is a brightly colored jumperoo complete with lights, music and exciting sounds that is designed to reward a baby with every jump they make.

Wherever the baby turns to look while on the jumperoo, they will always find something unique and fun to play with. It features an all-round spinning seat that allows the little one to see all around and stay busy discovering what every piece of art on the jumper does.

This Jumperoo has many different shapes and animals, including a fun seat & toys in five different locations.


Whom is this Product Designed for?

  • The Fisher Price Baby Jumper is an ideal playing center for babies who are active and need a safe environment to play in.
  • Those baby, who has a maximum weight rating of 25 pounds.
  • Those mom, who need some times to do others housework.

Fisher-Price RainForest Jumperoo Review

After hours of research I made this Fisher-Price RainForest Jumperoo Review. Here I am going to mention the top features of Fisher-Price RainForest Jumperoo. You can explore the best baby jumper here.

Fun and Versatile Design

The seat can spin 360 degrees to allow the baby to discover and play with toys all around.

With a sturdy, freestanding steel frame, the baby can jump and play freely and safely. No doorway required and can be easily adjusted to 3 different heights as the baby grows. It features exciting rainforest lights and music designed to stimulate movement and encourage healthy baby development.

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Comfortable and Secure

The Rainforest Jumperoo is a comfortable and safe place for a baby who can hold his head up to sit or stand and play—whether for a brief moment or hours. The two soft extending leaves form an overhead canopy that makes it safe for use outdoors and a soft spring cover protects the baby’s little fingers from getting pinched.

The jumper has a three-point harness system that guarantees the safety of the baby while playing or just resting.

Stimulating Interactive Play

The best thing about the Fisher Price Rainforest jumperoo is that it has everything a baby needs during playtime. With a frame that opens up from the top and a seat that rotates 360 degrees, it makes it easy for the baby to interact and play from any side.

The baby will be stimulated and engaged all the way around enjoying many toys and animals, including a monkey swinging from a vine, a parrot dangling from a bead bar,a bobbling elephant,a clear spinning bead ball,spinning and rattling lizard, a hide-and-seek tiger, and tethered chew toy among others.

 Easy to Use, Move and Store

The quick take down and easy portability of the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumper is one of the biggest selling points of this item. The frame pivots to a nested position, making the jumper easy to fold up and store when not in use and carry from room to room.

It comes with a motion sensor that encourages the baby with sounds and lights rewards when they jump and move. Because it does not need a doorway to operate, the jumper can be used anywhere.

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  • Jumper has many fun and play features and toys
  • Three-point safety harness and padding
  • Soft, removable toy bar with spinning leaves
  • Machine washable pad
  • Non-skid feet
  • Take-along detachable toys


  • Requires a bit of floor space. It may not be ideal for use in small rooms or houses with limited space.
  • The vibrating feature may be noisy if the jumper is set on wooden floor.

Final Verdict

For customers looking for bestselling bouncers or jumpers on the market, the Fisher Price RainForest Jumper is the ideal choice.

Compared to what is on the market, Fisher-Price RainForest Jumperoo has a simple but strong steel frame that is will not be an eyesore in the middle of the family room. It is fairly easy to move around, assemble and fold up for storage, but the best features are in the toy features, sounds and lights composition, and a variety of games that the baby can enjoy.

While many may consider it a little pricey, the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo offers market value, it is reliable, durable, and fun for a young baby explorer.

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