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Fisher-Price Woodland Friends Spacesaver Jumperoo

Fisher-Price Woodland Friends Spacesaver Jumperoo is a great product for parents who are worried about the safety of their child. Find top 6 Fisher Price Jumperoo Reviews & Guide.

It is a great joy to watch a baby’s activity. Parents, especially love to watch their little one jump and kick. But there is always a concern about the safety of their child.

Ensuring the baby does not hurt himself during his fun filled activities are every parent’s priority. But this safety cannot come at a cost of curbing the baby’s activities.

Fisher-Price Woodland Friends Spacesaver Jumperoo is the perfect solution to parents’ worry. It lets the baby jump and kick and enjoy every bit of it ensuring the baby remains safe.

Whom is the product designed for?

  • Fisher-Price Woodland Friends Spacesaver Jumperoo is specially designed for those kids, who are active & need a safe environment to play in.
  • Parents, who want to make their baby care easy and fun and keep the baby engaged playing games with them.
  • Parents, who want to save time by keeping the baby busy in a positive way.

Fisher-Price Woodland Friends Spacesaver Jumperoo Review

Fisher-Price Woodland Friends Spacesaver Jumperoo has a lots of features to tell you, but here I am going to share you why most of the parents love it then others jumperoo on the market.

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Safety is the topmost priority

Fisher-Price Woodland Friends Spacesaver Jumperoo is designed keeping in mind the safety of the child as the topmost priority. It is freestanding and lets baby engage in his jumping activities safely and hence does not require doorway.

Even the springs of this jumper are enclosed in a soft cloth and is placed out of reach of the child making it impossible for the baby to hurt himself.

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Bouncing with joy

The seat of Fisher-Price Woodland Friends Spacesaver Jumperoo is soft and bouncy, making the natural jumps and kicks of the baby an enjoyable experience or him. It also has lights and sounds that make jumping a rewarding exercise for the baby. This in turn helps the baby stay active and happy.

Every time the baby jumps, lights twinkle and music plays exciting the baby further and wanting him to repeat his activities for more rewards.

Toy bar to keep the baby engaged

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Fisher-Price Woodland Friends Spacesaver Jumperoo has a soft-sided overhead toy bar that is designed as a distance just right for the baby to reach out to. The beautiful toy bar also has a squirrel roller ball at the center, that amazes babies and lets the slip their hands over them.

There are spinners of woodland friends series as well. The toy bar motivates the baby to jump and reach out to it and keeps the baby engaged.

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A variety of toys for overall development

Fisher-Price Woodland Friends Spacesaver jumper also has a variety of toys that come along. A Froggy tether helps the baby chew on and also helps satisfy the new teeth itch.

There is also a clacker ring bar attached and comes with multi-colored, beautifully shaped rings. To add to the variety is a cute caterpillar that goes click-click-click and grabs the attention of the baby.

A light-up musical piano is also present in the front-board of this jumper that produces happy child-friendly musical sounds when pressed. These toys provide the baby multiple options to play.

Easy Maintenance and long term usage

The jumper is extremely easy to maintain. It can be adjusted to four height positions and hence usage can be continued even as the child grows. The jumper can be folded flat and stored in the minimum of places.

It is also very easy to assemble and can hence be opened up for the baby anytime.

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  • Boosts baby’s senses with various sounds, colors and light.
  • Facilitates development of the motor skills by providing activities for hands and legs.
  • Easy to unfold and prepare the jumper for the baby anywhere
  • Flat folding for easy storage with a minimum space requirement
  • A large variety of toys to excite the baby


  • Since it is made of plastic, its texture seems to scuff easily
  • No tray to hold snacks for the baby
  • Sometimes the springs can loosen up impacting the functioning of the Jumperoo. The best way to prevent this is by ensuring regular care and proper maintenance.
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Q: Can the seats be removed and washed?

A: Yes.

Q: Can the jumper be used as a walker?

A: No, the Jumper is stationary and cannot be used as a walker. 

In conclusion

Overall, the Fisher-Price Woodland Friends Spacesaver Jumperoo is a great product that is safe and easy to handle. It has a variety of child-friendly toys and features. Parents, who can now relax and let their child jump in joy. And for nannies and day cares, this product is a great boon, making it very easy to take care of the children, in case there are more than a few. We have a great list of best baby jumper, find it here.

Give it a try and your baby is going to love it.

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